Chew On This!

I’ve been known to have “pearly whites” most of my life and received numerous compliments about my teeth over the years which is surprising because I chew so much gum and have had an array of dental filings! People often ask me “How do you get them so white?” and truth is I used Colgate toothpaste and occasionally Crest Whitestrips and believe it or not I’ve never gotten a dental cleaning, that is until today. However, as I’m getting older I noticed with the excess tea drinking and no longer using Colgate and Crest my teeth aren’t “up to par” I haven’t done at home teeth whitening in a year but I’m considering professional teeth whitening.

As for toothpaste I’ve tried Toms because it was “natural” but it lacked that minty fresh, clean feeling. I’m still on the hunt for a good alternative.

I am a avid gum chewer so it is important for me and my health to choose a better option than the popular marketed gum brands. I did research and found that Xylitol (a crystalized alcohol found in plant tissue and used as a sweeter) is a better and healthier option.


Xylitol is used as a sugar substitute in most sugar-free gums which helps prevent tooth decay, dry mouth,reduces plaque formation,helps repair damaged enamel,slows down the rate/prevent of cavities and suitable for diabetics. Sounds benefitical right?

I went to my local health mart Sunac Natural Food and browsed through the variety of gum brands and as much as I wanted to buy one of each I picked up a brand called Peelu in “spearmint” which contained Xylitol. I chewed one piece today, and the texture felt lighter (not sure if that makes sense) and the taste was surprisingly lasting.

Here are some natural/vegan gums that contain Xylitol:

(click image to view more info)





Author: michelelisette

Michele Lisette is a Makeup Artist based in the Tri-State area of NY.In 2005 I graduated from Empire Beauty School with certification in Fashion/Glamour,Basic Character Sciences and SFX. Makeup Artistry is a form of art which I take pride in, and most of all having creative freedom.

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