Cruelty Free + Vegetarian, How I Did It


I started my cruelty-free and vegetarian journey this year, and I’m still learning along the way. Today I’m sharing my personal experience with making the change in both buying cruelty free products as well as living a vegetarian/pescetarian based healthy lifestyle. i’m also sharing some tips on how I made the transition. Click Newbie To Cruelty Free to read about my journey.

First off by all means it is not easy nor hard, but much like anything with a positive outcome it takes dedication,time and research. The first step is educating yourself on the matter through numerous documentaries, books, research,blogs, activist and so on. As I like to say “You can never have enough brain food.”

The next step would be to spend time with your thoughts, really get a sense of where your head/heart is at. You’ll find yourself asking and answering your own questions such as how does it personally effect you? do you want to make the change? how can you make a difference? And so on. We all want to change the world drastically for the better and its great to envision the bigger picture, but for now lets start with how challenging and rewarding the beginning of your journey will be.

At first it may seem quite easy, wether you purchase your first cruelty-free product or make your first vegetarian/pescetarian meal but its the days that come after that may seem a-little challenging but by all means don’t let it discourage you, we will all go through the “trial and error” stage as I mentioned in the beginning of this post I am still learning along the way. I want you to keep in mind that before becoming vegetarian I was a processed food eating carnivore who ate bacon almost every morning, When I first started eating vegetarian based meals a helpful tip was downloading an app that helped me keep track of what I ate by logging everything in, I also downloaded a calendar countdown to be aware and celebrate how many days I’ve been head strong about being a vegetarian (trust me by day 4 you’ll start to feel good about yourself and come 14 days later you’ll want to tell everyone and there momma and by 1 month you’ll be saying 😎”I got this!“) being truthful I did had a craving for certain foods but I would halt and get into my thoughts and remember I’ve come this far and started this journey for a reason.I started to do research online and found either vegetarian or vegan options of “bacon”, and other foods I once consumed. They may not taste the same but after a month  along with your bodies overall health you wont miss the yucky feeling processed foods and meat made you feel afterward, for me it was over eating, fatigue, bloated belly and IBS.

Find recipes online and don’t be afraid to try them out, nothing beats a home cooked meal and how rewarding it will taste knowing you made it. Also look for restaurants thats cater to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle or opt for vegetarian options when eating out at a restaurant.

A short story:
I recently went out for lunch with my family and we went to Denny’s, I looked at the menu online before hand just to get a glimpse of what my options were. I’m sure everyone probably thought I’d stick with the cliché salad but instead I got a veggie burger with hash brown on the side because well….mommas gotta eat. 😏

When it came to buying cruelty free products especially cosmetics I didn’t even know where to begin! My favorite brands were benefit, nars and urban decay which I came to find out nars and urban decay are cruelty free however they are owned by a parent company (this is a bit of a toss up because while some cruelty free consumers choose to not buy from parent owned cruelty free companies some consumers do…if someone buys from a parent owned company this company owns other companies that do test on animals, while a company can still remain cruelty free the thought of the consumers money going toward the company can be seen as endorsing testing on animals but when it comes to this decision I personally think it is solely based on the consumer as I have brought from some companies that are owned by a parent company)  Click Cruelty Free Brands   and to view an additonal range of brands check out logical harmony

A tip for buying cruelty free cosmetics is to sort out what you use the most and find cruelty free options similar to that product, I used to use Mac brushes and switched to Real Techniques which are good quality and affordable. You’ll be surprised how many cruelty free brands you can find in popular cosmetic stores like Ulta and Sephora. Remember to always do additional research if you aren’t sure.

I hope this blog post was somewhat helpful, and if you decide to go cruelty free and or vegetarian please feel free to leave any feedback I’d love to hear from you and your experiences❤️

Author: michelelisette

Michele Lisette is a Makeup Artist based in the Tri-State area of NY.In 2005 I graduated from Empire Beauty School with certification in Fashion/Glamour,Basic Character Sciences and SFX. Makeup Artistry is a form of art which I take pride in, and most of all having creative freedom.

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