Closet Cull [Minimalism]

Currently I’ve been purchasing some seasonal clothing but I still need to cull through my existing wardrobe for items to donate. When it comes to clothing I like to own as minimal as possible. A couple years ago if you looked through my closet it was over crowded even items unworn with tags still attached which made me come to the realization that I didn’t need half of what I owned. I was able to narrow down my wardrobe to 2 main colors 2 secondary colors and 3 accent colors which makes shopping a lot more easier.

I found this pin on Pinterest by to be very helpful 

Author: michelelisette

Michele Lisette is a Makeup Artist based in the Tri-State area of NY.In 2005 I graduated from Empire Beauty School with certification in Fashion/Glamour,Basic Character Sciences and SFX. Makeup Artistry is a form of art which I take pride in, and most of all having creative freedom.

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