What’s A Girl To Do…with all her old makeup

At some point in time I was makeup obsessed, I had accumulated tons of makeup but now not so much. Partially since shopping cruelty free,tired of keeping up with the newest product or formulas and also a personal lack of interest for beauty products. Lately I’ve been more concerned with my skincare regimen (how did I age this quickly?!) Don’t get me wrong I have those days when I’m feeling optimistic and would like to reach for a bright colored eyeshadow or bold color lipstick but my current makeup collection is very minimal.Today I went through what I currently own and all the old products I chucked over the years into my makeup bag. I was surprised how much is expired and/or rarely used.

I do want to purchase some new makeup but I want to make sure what I buy follows my three basic shopping guidelines:

Do I already own a product like this? If so, What makes this one different? 

How often will I use it? 

Is it cruelty-free?

Do you buy makeup often? Have you downsized your makeup collection? I’d love to read your comments!! 

Author: michelelisette

Michele Lisette is a Makeup Artist based in the Tri-State area of NY.In 2005 I graduated from Empire Beauty School with certification in Fashion/Glamour,Basic Character Sciences and SFX. Makeup Artistry is a form of art which I take pride in, and most of all having creative freedom.

10 thoughts on “What’s A Girl To Do…with all her old makeup”

  1. I was also makeup obsessed, spending every spare penny on makeup, having to buy every new release and ended up with 100s of everything!!!! After a good 6 month break not wearing a stitch of makeup (loooong story) I’ve gotten into makeup again but in a totally different way it’s rather liberating. I still have draws and draws full but I’m going through it all and actually using stuff up 😮 xxxxx

    1. I hit a bit of a funk for a while and I stopped wearing makeup but now that I’m currently being more conscious of my self-care I noticed I enjoy wearing makeup, it’s awesome that you’re going through the makeup you currently own, I’m sure there’s a lot of good gems in there do you have a favorite?

      1. Well since getting the Jaclyn Hill morphe palette (I got it for xmas, first new makeup item in a long time) it’s the only one I’ve used! First palette ever I really feel it has every shade I could ever want to use I love it! I also love the body shop 3 in 1 face powder, elf baked blushes, Rimmel extra 3d mascara, rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner in nude…hmmmm I’m sure I’ll think of a few more favs lol what about u??? Xxxx

      2. So pretty much a lot of good stuff lol Nice I heard a lot of good things about that morphe palette, My favorite is eyeliner my two faves are Kat Von d ink liner and NYX matte liner my eyes feel naked without it lol

  2. I really need to follow your guidelines. I have too many of everything and it’s all cluttered. I have maybe five products I use everyday, and the rest are what I felt like buying in the moment. 2018 is time for a change. Great post!

    1. thank you for the comment 🙂 I’m glad you can find the guidelines helpful and I agree I used about the same basic products everyday I don’t do any extra steps like countouring and baking (I’m still not too sure what that really is) 😳

  3. I’m trying so hard not to buy more products unless they really fill a void in my collection. It’s been hard, but I haven’t purchased anything yet this year. As a beauty blogger, I feel like I get sucked in so easily but it’s just not worth it to buy full-sized products if I’m only going to use them for a week to review. It doesn’t help that I have student loans now – so I keep reminding me that I need to be more responsible with my money until those are paid off!

    1. That’s actually a really great idea to purchase travel sizes for reviews especially if there is a product that isn’t favorable rather than being stuck with a full-size product!

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