Lush Halloween Pt2

Hi everyone! So as I mentioned in my previous post there will be a second part which contains some more lush goodies.

In today’s blog post I will be doing a mini review of these two Halloween edition bath bombs

Here is a short clip using the first bath bomb

Monsters’ Ball instantly changes color from pink to purple to a bluish hue and then turns blue. I won’t say it’s turquoise nor royal blue, but maybe inbetween. for a while I started to notice these white swirls which looked like shimmer however I found myself almost dunking my whole head into the water trying to inspect it as most bath bombs with shimmer are very easily distinguishable. As for the scent it had a citrus yet floral smell to it I kind of want to say reminiscent of ‘the comforter’ but don’t quote me on that.

Overall I wasn’t too impressed that I would want to repurchase it, to be honest I’m sure I can find a similar scented bath bomb at Lush.

Next up we have Secret Arts a jelly bath bomb with a cinnamon scent that has a nostalgic scent of fall.

Although it’s called a jelly bomb I didn’t notice much difference in the texture compared to other bath bombs until I drained out the tub and saw a few black bath bomb clumps which normally doesn’t happen with most bath bombs which leads me to also mention that this bath bomb is messy as it will leave a ring around your tub so it will require some clean up after use.

The color of secret arts is off black, it wasn’t as dark as I was hoping it would be but I darken the color by adding some of my scrub scrub scrub body scrub into the water which darken the hue.

So while I liked this bath bomb in comparison to Monsters’ Ball I would not repurchase it if I had my choice of other bath bombs only because of the tub staining after use.

What is your favorite Lush bath bomb?

Author: michelelisette

Michele Lisette is a Makeup Artist based in the Tri-State area of NY.In 2005 I graduated from Empire Beauty School with certification in Fashion/Glamour,Basic Character Sciences and SFX. Makeup Artistry is a form of art which I take pride in, and most of all having creative freedom.

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