Happy [belated] Earth Day!

Hello, So I wanted to hop on here real quick to post in honor of yesterdays Earth Day, While majority of the products I use/own are not 100% eco friendly I’m sure we all have products in our home we didn’t even know were green/eco friendly! No matter how big or small we can all do our part in any way we can.

From bamboo chopsticks, glass tupperware, metal straws and recycled glass jars, glass cups,glass dinnerwear and recycling this is some of the conscious ways we are being green 🌎

Happy Earth Day! I would like to know what items in your home have you made green?

Smells Like Christmas Spirit

“It’s beginning to *smell* a lot like Christmas” Seriously this concoction will fill your home with a nice festive aroma just in time for your upcoming holiday gatherings.

What You Need:

1 1/2 cups of fresh Cranberries

1 Orange (sliced)

3 Cinnamon sticks

3-4 Rosemary Sprigs



Put ingredients in a medium pot with water. Cover and let it simmer on low on the stove.

*Never leave it unattended for long periods of time

We are spending the holidays with our loved ones so we decided not to decorate this year for Christmas but as the days go by I found our apartment lacking a bit of Christmas cheer so I found a similar aroma recipe online and decided to try it out, and it works! You can be creative and add any festive fruit or spice you can think of! So get creative and let your nose transition you into Christmas cheer.

If you try this out I would love to hear from you 😃

And I will like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your day and reading,reposting, adding me on social media. It really means a lot to me and encourages me to keep writing and sharing which is something I love to do and to have your support is truly special ❤️

Lions & Tigers & Bears, OH MY!


White Faux Taxidermy is a Utah based company that makes resin customizable faux animal heads. For those of you who like taxidermy or cruelty-free but like the aesthetic of taxidermy this is a great option! (No real animals were harmed) prices range from $85 and up.
WFT sells an array of animal heads from deers,bears,wolves, sharks to dinarsours and unicorns! Yes that’s right even mystical creatures! This company allows you to choose the color scheme of your faux taxidermy head which makes for a fun online shopping experience. There’s so many options it’s almost endless. I definitely look forward to adding a piece to my wall decor, and now with the holidays approaching it makes a great gift for anyone who loves home accents (hint,hint This gal!) I honestly think this is a great buy for any home or as a gift.

Home Decor pt2

As stated in yesterday’s post I’m continuing with more home accents so without further or due here the photos.

Bedroom Accents:

I used these Harney and Sons tea tin cans to store my makeup brushes, recycling never looked so cute.


I bought the mix-match pink jewelry holders at a store upstate and the black spider web jar at Target during the halloween holiday, I use it to store my makeup sponges.

Living Room Accents:
Besides my skull candle I love my resin cow skull, I put it under the glass coffee table [ and no, its not real!]
Gotta be green with alittle Succulent plant and This Marshall Stanmore bluetooth Speaker works with any Apple devices, it really has great quality sound and love the vintage replica with modern technology.

I do have a lot more items however I decided not to cram my post and it gives me a chance to do more home decor posts in the near future.

Home Decor pt1

I love home accents, growing up personalizing my bedroom was a part of my creative outlet, as a teen my bedroom was my sanctuary, where I spent most of my time,It was where I could display my creative freedom. I’ve painted my bedroom walls pink and purple with decorated cut out hearts and boyband posters to black and red with caution tape, my drawings and ripped out magazine photos of my favorite bands at the time. The older I became my personal style started to transition and I decorated my bedroom to translate my mood and style at that particular time in my life. Now being 27 and living in an apartment It is was essential to decorate with personal touches while still looking amiable. It’s little accents that help make a home come together. I decided to show a select few of my apartment accents that I have accumulated over the past year, I’m always looking for home decor that accommodates my style. For me adding accent pillows to a sofa, chairs and bed are an easy way to add little pop of color or textile

Bedroom pillow accents:



[* color filter makes the skull accent pillows look two different tones] image

I got this this faux fur blanket as a winter accessory for my couch and a “cuddle blanket” in close reach, but being that I have my dog Milo it quickly became a couch protector. No tacky plastic couch protectors here! The color goes great with the black leather sectional and adds a different texture, so far noone has really noticed that its put there specifically for Milo 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll post pt2 of Home Decor

Halloween Haul

Late last month Michael’s craft store started putting out their Halloween decor and one specific item stood out to me the most, a plaster head of Frankenstein’s Monster. At that time I didn’t purchase it but its something I knew I wanted for my home. It wasn’t until Last week I made a quick trip to Michael’s to prowl through there halloween section which a lot of items were 20-25% off, luckily this included the Frankenstein plaster head. I’m so happy with my purchases, Halloween is a holiday that is accepted by society to like things out of the ordinary but for me its just like hitting the jack pot finding new items to display for my home all year round.

What’s your favorite store to shop at for Halloween Decor?

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

I’m a sucker for anything relating to Pumpkins! I purchased some home fragrances from Bath & Body Works to add to the ambience transitioning into fall. My home smells like baked goods, without the calories! I’m really pleased to see Bath & Body Works brought back the Sugared Doughnut candles, now if only they made it in to a body set.

What are your favorite fall scents?

Mean Muggin & Coffee Mugs

Let’s be honest, Not everyone is a “Morning Person”


I however like to consider myself the opposite at least as of lately! Some rely on coffee to get them through the morning and there are some who prefer a cup of tea, like me.

As a Tea Drinker [not to be confused with Tea Drinking Enthusiast] I have my specific cup I claim as my tea cup, Don’t we all have that one specific cup, the one that we only drink certain beverages out of, that we secretly declair as “hands-off” to house guest because once their hand reaches for it or sips from it things somehow become “personal, like a betrayal”

No? Maybe it’s just me being overly possessive over my tea cup :-p

Well anyway onto the premise of this blog post, I decided to share some of my favorite mugs that I own at home and would also like to add to my collection!


FISTICUP Ceramic Knuckleduster Mug

My favorite mug! My brother ordered me a set of 2 as a housewarming gift which I love and use daily, good quality.


Canon 24-105mm Coffee Mug

I purchased this for Martin as a christmas gift,great for photographers and looks like the real thing!


ThumbsUp! Ceramic Bat Mug

I don’t own this, however its something I’d like to own. It’s cute, cool for Batman fans, or a as seasonal halloween mug but I’d probably use it throughout all of the fall/winter season.


Thermal Battery Mug

As you pour your coffee/tea into the mug, this battery icon appears lining up to the amount of liquid poured into the mug, a way to keep an eye on how much is left to enjoy.