Nature is…

This 4 mile hike turned into a much needed therapeutic session as there’s this freeing sense to talk about anything and everything and explore the unknown I feel it embodies most emotions making it easy to express while hiking, you really get a sense of “letting go”.

“Leave your words for Mother Nature to hear, she will listen without judgement and she will respond back with love”

Night Lights Festival

Words can’t even describe how special Saturday night meant to me, I wanted to attend this event 2 years ago and yesterday that wish came true and I’m glad I got to experience it with my significant other. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend you attend a Night Lights Festival at least once in your life, as for me it is a memory I will cherish.

Summer Time Sadness

Well two more months til we say ‘adios’ to summer and “Hello Fall” ❤️ (personally my favorite season) but wrapping up the summer I am lucky to be able to hike the most I’ve ever done in a season let alone, year! Spending as much time with good ol Mother Nature can really do wonders for your mind and soul. And even though I enjoyed every minute of it and sad it’s coming to an end I’m also ready for cozy sweaters, baked goods and pumpkin spice everything!

I’m going to miss sitting by the firepit, with an open mind and soul to late night conversations and laughter, summer 2019 you’ve been good to me.

Hiking Adventure

I meant to post this last month and since it’s already February I knew it was due to post.

If you read my last blog post I briefly mentioned I had a few things planned, one of them was hiking and although the weather wasn’t the best I didn’t let it hinder my birthday plans.

I won’t lie I was worried because while I’ve hiked in the spring,summer and fall I never hiked in the winter and wasn’t sure I was equipped with the right snow boots (I wore my Dr. Martens) but I should invest in some snow boots!

I thought well if I can barely walk through the snow or I slip and fall on my ass we’ll just call it a day, at least we can say we tried 🤷🏻‍♀️ and although I almost face planted once and occasionally walked in the snow like a baby deer (or those models with super high heels walking down the run way) I managed to hike it through to the scenic waterfall and it was beautiful. My curious conscious wanted to go closer but I’ve seen too many lifetime movies and fail videos to do that!

It was really breath-taking and being that it was our first time at this part of the state park we were enthusiastic we discovered a new place to hike with such a beautiful view. All I can say is that was a great way to spend my birthday and I’m glad I got to see it and spend that day with Marcin. ❤️

My Hiking Tips

In february I made a blog post about our most recent hiking trip which you can read here and I mentioned that I will post safety tips for hiking. These aren’t a “by the book” survival guide but these are tips I go by and have had successful hiking trips.

1- Plan the date around the weather + Map out your trail:

Common sense is you don’t want to hike during snow or rain as the trails can become dangerous.

Most state parks will have pamphlets about the parks history along with a detailed map (always take two!)

This will help guide you to stay on track and usually gives an approx. time it takes to hike that trail. A beginners word of advice stick with a 25-30min hiking trail.

The reason I say to take two pamphlets is because if you lose or damage one you have a back up to help guide you back.

2- Take snacks, lots of water and/or a light lunch

If we do a 30 min hike we normally pack 2 granola bars and 2 bananas for the both of us and 2 bottles of water. If you are hiking on a hot day, trust me you’re going to want to double up on your water intake! Also bring a shopping bag to properly dispose of your garbage instead of littering!

3-Dress for the weather

You can get as creative and reasonably fashionable as you want with your wardrobe. If you’re a female I recommend cotton undergarments, anything that’s breathable. Wear footwear with good grip and that you don’t mind getting muddy and dusty, common sense it’s a hiking trail not a runway so leave the cute shoes and sandals at home! Always pack a light jacket.Sunglasses to protect your eyes. A Hat especially if it’s a sunny day, you don’t want to get a sunburn on your scalp (i’m speaking from personal experience) and of course Sunscreen! Need I say more?

4- Bring toilet paper, First Aid Kit, Calamine Lotion, Bug repellent

When you gotta go you gotta go. Luckily I have successfully made it through hiking trails without squatting behind a tree,poison ivy or a booboo. 😉

5- Let a close friend or family member know you’re going hiking:

Maybe you don’t want people to know your personal business but in this case it can be crucial to your safety! Always let a reliable person know where you’re going and what you’re wearing.

I hope you find my quick tips helpful for you during your next hiking trip and if you’d like to add any other safety tips or precautions please comment!

Hiking With My Fiancé

Normally my fiancé and I would venture out hiking around early-mid spring time but yesterday’s weather was too good to pass up. We hiked 3 miles at one of our favorite hiking spots, we wanted to walk longer but there was a good amount of snow from days before which blocked the path so we had to turn back. It was a much needed last minute trip and I can’t wait for us to go back! Oh and Marcin sprayed cologne before the hike 🤣 who does that?!

All photos were taken by my fiancé, I took a few but they weren’t as esthetic as these. Im so proud of marcin and I because we made a pact this year to really live in the moment and not let good opportunities like this pass by, had I been in my old mindset I probably would’ve just settled for a day home indoors and later regret not taking the chance to enjoy a nice stroll on a warm day.

I’m thinking of making another post with a few of my hiking tips let me know if you’d be interested in that post.

The New York Festival Of Light

The first annual New York Festival Of Light was held at DUMBO for a three day installation November 6-8 (5pm-11pm) which is free to the public. NYFOL is a light installation consisting of worldwide technicians. Along with the light show there is also boots set up with vendors and gift shops. Martin and I made it out Saturday night to see the light show however NYPD shut down the installation due to the overwhelming crowded streets. Although we were a little disappointed that we didn’t get to enjoy the light show it was inspiring to see so many people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds look so lively. We walked around before heading back home and Martin took some beautiful photos. Being that this was the first-annual NYFOL we are hopeful to make it next year.

Please check out my fiancé photography:
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