Nature is…

This 4 mile hike turned into a much needed therapeutic session as there’s this freeing sense to talk about anything and everything and explore the unknown I feel it embodies most emotions making it easy to express while hiking, you really get a sense of “letting go”.

“Leave your words for Mother Nature to hear, she will listen without judgement and she will respond back with love”

An Update Thus Far

To those who still read my blog, I truly, truly thank you! I know I am not as active on here as I’d like to be and today I made it a priority to be present.

My last post was basically about feeling down as we all get at some point, For a while I have been feeling a bit “stuck” in a routine and as a result I felt uninspired but I am proud to say, I am getting the wheels turning again and feeling pretty good!

I’ve been making it my personal business to enjoy summer and not take it for granted, enjoying my time spent with good people and doing things I enjoy. I don’t always photograph it, post it or talk about it and some things I do, I guess it comes naturally as I like to keep some things to myself.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer spending it whichever way you like and if you’re feeling down and/or uninspired try to think out of the norm and try something new whether its taking a new walk route, a new hobby, trying a new food, visiting a new place, a new exercise, welcome it with open arms!

Spreading love and positivity your way ❤️

Ooh La La Palette by Colourpop

What is it?

9 pressed eyeshadow palette “Ohh La La” by Colourpop

Product Claims

“You’re like really pretty…. So you agree, you think this pink 9-pan palette is really pretty! Includes a mix of matte, metallic, and satin shadows, this palette is your go-to for the trendiest pink looks right now.”

Colors from L to R: moon struck, caddy, trove,sandbar,opulent,big sugar,poodle,soft core,tickled


Shade Range




Cruelty Free



Stains eyelids

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Ohh La La is the sister palette to “Its My Pleasure” this 9 pressed eyeshadow palette has a good selection of pink tones. This is a eyeshadow palette I would use when I want to play up my eyes with some color and I love the color “Sandbar” it’s a fun neon pink shade.

Now on to the things I didn’t like about the palette, Similarly to the It’s My Pleasure Palette I noticed when washing off my eye makeup (I don’t use any eye pads to remove my makeup) there was a slight stain from the eyeshadow which I was able to remove after re-washing my face and used a oil based makeup remover (read more below) I recommend using a primer on your lid to reduce staining but I still have the same issue of some fallout with these eyeshadows, but if you can get passed that (as I can) this is just another pretty affordable palette from Colourpop.

** I also want to throw out there that I read online and watched through a few YouTube videos and noticed that when trying to keep a product vegan/cruelty free certain dyes such as red30-40 is used to form the desired shade which can cause some staining because it’s a direct dye, while most non-vegan formulas use carmine which is crushed insects. Interesting huh?!

Hiking Adventure

I meant to post this last month and since it’s already February I knew it was due to post.

If you read my last blog post I briefly mentioned I had a few things planned, one of them was hiking and although the weather wasn’t the best I didn’t let it hinder my birthday plans.

I won’t lie I was worried because while I’ve hiked in the spring,summer and fall I never hiked in the winter and wasn’t sure I was equipped with the right snow boots (I wore my Dr. Martens) but I should invest in some snow boots!

I thought well if I can barely walk through the snow or I slip and fall on my ass we’ll just call it a day, at least we can say we tried 🤷🏻‍♀️ and although I almost face planted once and occasionally walked in the snow like a baby deer (or those models with super high heels walking down the run way) I managed to hike it through to the scenic waterfall and it was beautiful. My curious conscious wanted to go closer but I’ve seen too many lifetime movies and fail videos to do that!

It was really breath-taking and being that it was our first time at this part of the state park we were enthusiastic we discovered a new place to hike with such a beautiful view. All I can say is that was a great way to spend my birthday and I’m glad I got to see it and spend that day with Marcin. ❤️

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my 32nd birthday and I am looking forward to family dinner, movie night on the couch with some popcorn and a few other things planned weather permitting!

As a child you wake up excited to see if you’ve grown an inch since your last birthday, watch your parent(s) set up birthday party decorations and help assist with making candy bags while eating a few pieces along the way, aggressively ripping open gifts, having your family, neighborhood and school friends over and let’s not forget those birthday cards from grandma and grandpa that you never quite read but you were excited to see their was $25 bucks in it and you would feel like a millionaire walking into Toys R Us 😎

In other words, kid birthdays were the sh*t But now as you get older you wake up checking if you’ve got some gray hairs yet (I hope mine come in nicely) 😂, if you’re due for an annual exam, walk to the skincare aisle at Sephora expecting to spend a million bucks, and wear a crown on your tooth instead of one on your head that reads “happy birthday”.

I hope you found humor in todays blog post as I did 😂 but in all seriousness I am grateful with how life has turned out thus far and happy I get to spend another birthday with my family by my side because another year older means it’s another chance to make more memories ❤️

So here’s to 32! 🍾🎂

Smells Like Christmas Spirit

“It’s beginning to *smell* a lot like Christmas” Seriously this concoction will fill your home with a nice festive aroma just in time for your upcoming holiday gatherings.

What You Need:

1 1/2 cups of fresh Cranberries

1 Orange (sliced)

3 Cinnamon sticks

3-4 Rosemary Sprigs



Put ingredients in a medium pot with water. Cover and let it simmer on low on the stove.

*Never leave it unattended for long periods of time

We are spending the holidays with our loved ones so we decided not to decorate this year for Christmas but as the days go by I found our apartment lacking a bit of Christmas cheer so I found a similar aroma recipe online and decided to try it out, and it works! You can be creative and add any festive fruit or spice you can think of! So get creative and let your nose transition you into Christmas cheer.

If you try this out I would love to hear from you 😃

And I will like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your day and reading,reposting, adding me on social media. It really means a lot to me and encourages me to keep writing and sharing which is something I love to do and to have your support is truly special ❤️

Lush Halloween Pt2

Hi everyone! So as I mentioned in my previous post there will be a second part which contains some more lush goodies.

In today’s blog post I will be doing a mini review of these two Halloween edition bath bombs

Here is a short clip using the first bath bomb

Monsters’ Ball instantly changes color from pink to purple to a bluish hue and then turns blue. I won’t say it’s turquoise nor royal blue, but maybe inbetween. for a while I started to notice these white swirls which looked like shimmer however I found myself almost dunking my whole head into the water trying to inspect it as most bath bombs with shimmer are very easily distinguishable. As for the scent it had a citrus yet floral smell to it I kind of want to say reminiscent of ‘the comforter’ but don’t quote me on that.

Overall I wasn’t too impressed that I would want to repurchase it, to be honest I’m sure I can find a similar scented bath bomb at Lush.

Next up we have Secret Arts a jelly bath bomb with a cinnamon scent that has a nostalgic scent of fall.

Although it’s called a jelly bomb I didn’t notice much difference in the texture compared to other bath bombs until I drained out the tub and saw a few black bath bomb clumps which normally doesn’t happen with most bath bombs which leads me to also mention that this bath bomb is messy as it will leave a ring around your tub so it will require some clean up after use.

The color of secret arts is off black, it wasn’t as dark as I was hoping it would be but I darken the color by adding some of my scrub scrub scrub body scrub into the water which darken the hue.

So while I liked this bath bomb in comparison to Monsters’ Ball I would not repurchase it if I had my choice of other bath bombs only because of the tub staining after use.

What is your favorite Lush bath bomb?

Plant Lady

Marcin and I had some much needed family time and a great opportunity to travel out of the city. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side so much of our time was spent indoors. I feel like the constant change in weather has made me a bit sick so I’m currently cuddled on the couch in my comfiest pjammies brewing some tea and cursing out my weak immune system. Just last week I pulled a muscle in my foot which still hasn’t healed, causing me to waddle like a penguin 😒 So as I’m sitting here I remembered we brought potting soil for some plants that were starting to look frail and while I watered them as they needed it didn’t seem to perk them up so today I took the time to add some fresh soil hoping they will revive. I had the Golden Pothos for a year already, the Snake Plant (sansevieria) I brought towards the end of last summer and Haworthia succulent plant I had for 2 years (I think). I am hoping these plants continue to live so I can add more to the plant family!

Lux De Ville Handbag

I don’t own many handbags, So of course when looking to purchase one I wanted to make sure it was functional, good quality, edgy yet timeless and cruelty free. Luckily I found and fell in love with the brand Lux De Ville. They use vegan vinyl and/or polyutherine




Skull purse charm

3 sewn inside pockets

Removable purse strap

Vegan friendly

Cruelty free



Overall Rating: 5/5

This Lux De Ville handbag from the Lady Vamp collection has a removable strap giving the versatilely to wear it as a handbag,shoulder or a crossbody bag. I love how spacious it is and the quality in the stitch work, and it has purse “feet” which are little pegs to hold up the bag.