Lush Halloween Edition Pt1

I wanted to make this post just in time for Halloween and this is a part 1 of 2 Halloween Lush series so stay tuned for that one.

Earlier this month Lush released two body scrubs: Magic Crystals which is a pretty purple scrub and Scrub Scrub Scrub which is a deep black body scrub.

Scrub Scrub Scrub has a guava and berries scent that I would best describe as a unisex scent. It does leave a lingering strong scent which can be a hit or miss for some people. While the scent is the least of my worries I was hesitant that the pure black color would stain my skin and surprisingly it didn’t! But be warned it can get a bit messy in the shower no matter how cautious you are.

While the exfoliating grains are similar to the ocean salt body scrub This specific body scrub contains charcoal as one of its main ingredients which is known for its detoxing properties.

As far as color-it’s such a beautiful opaque black and has me wondering if this is one of the reasons Lush decided to release it around Halloween.

Lush: Newbie Addition 

I discoverd lush when I moved back to the city three years ago (I was living under a rock!) my first ever lush purchases were Twilight,Space Girl Bath Bombs (discontinued), Cotton Candy Lip Scrub and Mask of Magnaminty (one of my favorites). As a lush newbie I would run a bath and submerg one whole bath bomb each use, I mean after all isn’t that how it works? Subconsciously I always felt like I wasted a whole bath bomb worth to fill my apartments tiny bathtub. It wasn’t until my fiancé (he’s more financially conscious then I am) mentioned “you use those bath bombs so frequently, why don’t you break them into pieces and use them little at a time?” To which I thought “ugh typical man doesn’t know the true indulgence of a relaxing bath” But I decided to hear him out, he is a reasonable man, majority of the time. 😆  In this case I was stoked to run and tell him he was actually right, breaking apart the lush bath bombs not only lasted longer but it turns out just a few tiny pieces was all I needed to fill the tiny bath tub.  

Upon discovery of a lush bath bomb “hack” I went to Instagram and looked up every lush hashtag possible #lushaddicts#lush#lushbathbombs and within the thousand hashtags related to lush there was a hashtag titled “lushcocktail” and beyond my creativity I saw tons of images of lush fanatics making there own concoction of lush bath bombs,shower gels, lush bubble bars and everything you can think of! All of which were beautiful and colorful. As a lush newbie I wasn’t aware of the creative freedom to personalize your bath experience by pairing other lush products with one another. As a lush newbie I also learned that Self-Preservative face masks don’t need to be refrigerated, Oops! 

​What was your first or favorite Lush purchase?