Ooh La La Palette by Colourpop

What is it?

9 pressed eyeshadow palette “Ohh La La” by Colourpop

Product Claims

“You’re like really pretty…. So you agree, you think this pink 9-pan palette is really pretty! Includes a mix of matte, metallic, and satin shadows, this palette is your go-to for the trendiest pink looks right now.”

Colors from L to R: moon struck, caddy, trove,sandbar,opulent,big sugar,poodle,soft core,tickled


Shade Range




Cruelty Free



Stains eyelids

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Ohh La La is the sister palette to “Its My Pleasure” this 9 pressed eyeshadow palette has a good selection of pink tones. This is a eyeshadow palette I would use when I want to play up my eyes with some color and I love the color “Sandbar” it’s a fun neon pink shade.

Now on to the things I didn’t like about the palette, Similarly to the It’s My Pleasure Palette I noticed when washing off my eye makeup (I don’t use any eye pads to remove my makeup) there was a slight stain from the eyeshadow which I was able to remove after re-washing my face and used a oil based makeup remover (read more below) I recommend using a primer on your lid to reduce staining but I still have the same issue of some fallout with these eyeshadows, but if you can get passed that (as I can) this is just another pretty affordable palette from Colourpop.

** I also want to throw out there that I read online and watched through a few YouTube videos and noticed that when trying to keep a product vegan/cruelty free certain dyes such as red30-40 is used to form the desired shade which can cause some staining because it’s a direct dye, while most non-vegan formulas use carmine which is crushed insects. Interesting huh?!

Youth To The People

Now that the cold weather is approaching here in New York it is wreaking havoc on my skin and I’ve noticed dry patches around my chin so adding a good moisturizer is crucial in my winter skincare routine. I really like this Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream by Youth To The People because it quickly absorbs into the skin feeling lightweight making it comfortable to use at night and doesn’t clog my large pores and it could be the ashwaganda herbs calming effect that makes me feel relaxed at the end of the night like I’m pampering my self physically and mentally. I wake up the next morning with my face looking and feeling well hydrated. This moisturizer has become my skincare savior and I already feel the need to purchase another one before this one runs out! 😍

Wednesday Wishlist

Today’s Wednesday Wishlist features current products my heart desires but can’t afford! If you have any of these products feel free to comment below if you recommend them or not!

  1. Cover Fx Power Play Foundation
  2. Cover Fox Perfect Setting Powder
  3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer
  4. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
  5. Stila Stay All Day Sheer Liquid Lipstick in “sheer ballerina”
  6. Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner

What’s A Girl To Do…with all her old makeup

At some point in time I was makeup obsessed, I had accumulated tons of makeup but now not so much. Partially since shopping cruelty free,tired of keeping up with the newest product or formulas and also a personal lack of interest for beauty products. Lately I’ve been more concerned with my skincare regimen (how did I age this quickly?!) Don’t get me wrong I have those days when I’m feeling optimistic and would like to reach for a bright colored eyeshadow or bold color lipstick but my current makeup collection is very minimal.Today I went through what I currently own and all the old products I chucked over the years into my makeup bag. I was surprised how much is expired and/or rarely used.

I do want to purchase some new makeup but I want to make sure what I buy follows my three basic shopping guidelines:

Do I already own a product like this? If so, What makes this one different? 

How often will I use it? 

Is it cruelty-free?

Do you buy makeup often? Have you downsized your makeup collection? I’d love to read your comments!! 

Holiday Gift Guide

Pom pom beanie

Sole Society quilted hand bag

Sole Society vegan leather purse

Hourglass cosmetic
$65 – harveynichols.com

Forever 21 contour makeup brush

Dr. Martens mens vegan shoes
$150 – ssense.com

Madewell spring home decor

Here is a small guide of gifts to buy for someone who is cruelty free, everything from fragrance, makeup to shoes and accessories. Even vegan/cruelty free books, statement tee shirts, coffee mugs or vegan chocolates all make for great gifts!

Hourglass Ambient Luminous Bronze Light Review

What Is It?

A powder bronzer by Hourglass Cosmetics 

Product Claims

“• The airy, lightweight bronzers fuse the illuminating effects of Ambient® Lighting Powder with bronze pigments to deliver buildable color and a radiant finish.
• While traditional bronzer tends to be flat, Ambient® Lighting Bronzer uses Photoluminescent Technology for seamless blending and color transitions.
• The hand-made powders are formulated using an advanced miscelare technique – which means “to mix” in Italian – creating the perfect balance of pigment and powder, and no two look alike.
• Ambient® Lighting Bronzer can be used alone for subtle warmth and contouring or paired with Ambient® Lighting Powder to create depth and dimension.
• .04 OZ / 1.3 G”


Easily blendable




Not tested on animals

Offers vegan options


Color range


Overall Rating 5/5

I use bronzer all year round, and this is one brand worth checking out. From the packaging to the esthetically beautiful marbled bronzer this product just screams lux! The Ambient Light Bronzer offers the versatility to contour and bronze and easily play up how much or subtle you want it to be. It offers a healthy glow meaning you won’t look over done. The Hourglass brand also went a step forward beyond the luxury look to also remove common toxic ingredients,So you wont see the use of Talc which is often a concern for consumers as talc can be contaminated and toxic to our health.  I am however little taken back by the price of $50 ( I normally would never buy a $50 bronzer) but Sephora and the Hourglass website offers travel-size with a price point of $25, which I was at first glance disappointed for the amount of product and I thought “is quality better than quantity?” and in this case, I would say so. Overall I am pleased with the product, and Hourglass’s luxury sleek designs are one you want to showcase on your makeup vanity.

Giovanni Hair Care Smooth As Silk Shampoo+Conditioner Review

What is it

A deep conditioning system for damaged hair

Part 1 

Giovanni  Smooth As Silk  Deeper Moisture Conditioner 

Product Claims

“Infuses deep moisture for manageable smoothness.
Detangles while protecting against split ends
Calms unruly hair to alleviate frizz.
Increases shine while smoothing dry or damaged hair”


Doesn’t strip my hair color

good for dry hair

makes hair manageable after wash


Doesn’t increase shine as claimed

Overall Rating 5/5

I have oily thin fine hair and I love this conditioner, after I usually shampoo my hair it gets very dry so conditioner is a must for me and this conditioner makes my hair smooth and easier to comb through it feels luxurious,I would even say salon quality! And alittle goes a long way. I haven’t dabbled to much into cruelty free hair
products besides Yarok and AG Hair both which I reviewed a year ago and if I had to choose between conditioners from all 3 hair product lines I would choose Giovanni as my holy grail conditioner. I use a Demi-permanent hair color and find that this product line helps maintain the longivity of my hair color.

Part 2

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Shampoo

Product Claims 

  • Pearlized formula glistens in your hand and transforms hair into a silky palette.
  • Lather and glow while prepping for your best style.
  • Luxurious lather soothes dry, chemically processed hair
  • Cleanses gently for manageable smoothness
  • Calms unruly hair to alleviate frizz
  • Increases shine while smoothing dry or damaged hair
  • Lauryl and laureth sulfate freeScent 


Keeps color-treated hair from fading fast


Doesn’t layer well

Leaves hair dry


Overall Rating 3.5/5

While the Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditoner was a big “hit” the Shampoo however was a complete “miss”. I have fine thin hair about medium length and  I had to use more than I normally do to get a decent lather and after I washed it out my hair felt so dry which is why the Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner is a life savior to my hair. If you have color-treated hair then while this shampoo isn’t good for every day use it does help the longevity of color treated hair (because it doesn’t contain sulfates, which strip the hair) and for that I like it but I don’t love it. Another downside is for the price you don’t get much product (8.5oz) depending on your hair length and texture that will determine how much you use and how often you wash your hair which for me would last about a month.

What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner combination?


Nars Matte Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF30 Review 


What Is It? 

An oil free medium buildable coverage skin tint to enhance the look of skin and SPF30 with vitamins C&E to protect against free-radical damage caused by environmental stress.

Product Claims

“Introducing Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF 30 Instant gratification. Effortless application. Protects and perfects with a soft-matte finish. Medium buildable coverage. Oil-free. All-day wear. 12 global shades. Transparent Blurring Powders instantly enhance the look of skin by helping to diffuse imperfections with a powerful optical effect. Rose Fruit Extract visibly minimizes the appearance of pores, while controlling shine.”


Medium to full coverage

Long wearing

Good for oily skin types

Covers blemishes

Evens skintone



Shade Range


Overall Rating 4.0

I didn’t photograph the product because at the time I thought it was a keeper but the day after I received it in the mail I ended up returning it to Sephora. I truly want to love this foundation for its longevity, buildable coverage and of course SPF30, As a person who loves to take 1,000 #selfies using this foundation made my skin look flawless there was no filter needed. It hid blemishes, evened out the skin-tone and held up quite well on my oily skin. My only despondency with this product is the lack of shade range, St. Mortiz was too tan for my natural skin though it photographed well and Groenland was too light and for $44 each I was not going to dish out $88 to create a in between shade. I think Nars was on to something good with this matte skin tint line however fell short with their lack of color range.

*Please note that Nars Cosmetics is owned by the parent company Shiseido whom is not cruelty free

Rainy Day Detox

Well it’s raining here in New York as much as I wanted to start my day with a morning run and stop at my local coffee shop I opted for indoor activities such as my morning yoga routine followed by some cardio and then showered and pampered myself all in the comfort of my own home [apartment]

I started with the Apottera Herbal Detoxifying Facial Steam which you can read my full review here

Relaxing it was indeed! I love using the herbal steam facial when I am in need of a “pick me up”, congested or bad breakouts. The Herbal steam bath was followed by the Aztec Secret Healing Bentonite Clay which also helps rid the body of toxins, impurities, heavy metals and chemicals. [I’ll have a full blog review up next week]

Now I’m going to drink my Pukka Detox Tea and watch some Netflix😃

What is your favorite rainy day activity or favorite detox?

Hurraw! Lip Blam Review

What Is It?

Hurraw! Lip balm is a brand based in Montana that creates hand poured lip balms using vegan, fair trade and organic ingredients to provide quality lip balms from SPF protection, a scented selection as well as a nightly treatment all which help protect your pout!

Product Claims

To ensure the quality and integrity of our product, we individually pour each tube of Hurraw! balm in our own facility.
Our top priority is to make Hurraw! the finest all natural, vegan, balm available…
a great product to be used by everyone regardless of lifestyle.

We source honest, fair trade, organic, vegan and raw ingredients from reputable suppliers and are thrilled to share the labors
with other balm lovin’ individuals. Your purchase supports legit fair trade, organic farmers and suppliers here in the States and around the World.


All natural
Great scent
Long lasting
Not too shiny



Overall Rating 5/5

As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, I love lip balms especially during the fall/winter season to keep my lips hydrated. In my adolescent stages I never really cared for/ acknowledge the importance of lip balm until I discovered boys didn’t have cooties, Thats when I knew I should take care of my precious pout. These lip balms have a great scent (none of that artificial over powering smell) and long lasting, I apply the unscented balm nightly just to give my lips alittle TLC. After all if you’re going to apply a nightly moisturizer to your face and under eyes why not cater your lips as well. I also like the range in scents, the fact that some have SPF for summer time and even a Nightly lip balm. I’ve used a well known “natural” brand of lip balms however it contained bees wax and always had a grainy feel after a couple uses. I’m glad I found a better alternative brand that is all natural and vegan (doesn’t contain bees wax) and overall lives up to its true purpose of being a lip balm. Trust me you too will love the brand HURRAW!