Youth To The People Minis kit

I recently purchased The Youth Minis Kit since I wanted to try other products in the Youth To The People product line and they don’t disappoint!

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I am familiar with the Super Food Cleanser, and Adaptogen Moisture Cream (my two personal faves)

The Maqui+Acai Facial Oil absorbs into my skin effortlessly which is one main component when it comes to picking a facial oil.

Superfood Air-Whip moisturizer is a light weight moisturizer and hydrates my skin pretty well before makeup application.

The Super Berry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask works as an overnight treatment with more hydration giving that “morning glow” appearance the next morning. They all have a distinctive “YTTP” fragrance it’s rather clean and pleasant without being too strong or irritating.

The minis kit is great for young adults, or anyone interested in trying the YTTP product line without splurging on full size since it can be a bit pricey. Also use sparingly as alittle goes a long way. The minis are also travel friendly and all of the products work effortlessly in conjunction with one another so you can custom create your own skincare routine like a mock-tail for your skin!

Kat Von D: True Portrait Foundation Review

The new Kat Von D True Portrait Foundation can best be describe as Light as a feather, truly it is! I used to be a die hard full coverage foundation fan but as my skin is maturing I find most full-coverage formulas uncomfortably sit on my face, back then I layered on my foundation like I was putting butter on toast! So the older I get the more breathable and light weight I like my makeup to feel and that’s exactly what I found when I purchased this foundation.

Just the other day after a grocery run I ended up taking a nap and comfortably slept forgetting I had the True Portrait foundation on! so I say it’s cat-nap approved (haha)

The formula is oily upon applying it however it is buildable and dries down to a powder finish, I usually get my desired consistency after two layers without getting caked. While you can let it set on it’s own as is you can also finish it off with a pressed powder (for a fuller finish) or a loose setting powder.

I went for a soft-neutral look with my makeup using the True Portrait Foundation, KVD Tattoo Liner, and Colourpop eyeshadows in ‘wattles’ and ‘wake up call’

Lush Mask

Once a week I do a facial mask and the Mask Of Magnaminty is by far my favorite from Lush. It’s perfect for my combination skin and anyone with oily or acne prone skin can benefit from using it as well. Because this clay mask also includes peppermint oil it has a nice refreshing feel without being too harsh. It also makes a great spot treatment for pimples, anytime I see one of those bad boys pop up I dab some of the mask of magnaminty on and notice a reduction in size from the day before. Some people claim it minimizes pores and as someone with very visible large pores I don’t really notice a long-term effect so I wouldn’t solely rely on it as a pore minimizer (there are other products on the market for that).

I also have been using sleepy in the evening time after my shower since the lavender scent has a nice calming fragrance.

Youth To The People

My first Youth To The People purchase was the Kale+Green Tea Vitamins cleanser, it’s a gentle cleanser and works pretty well for my sensitive/combination skin. I wish I could splurge and buy everything from the Youth To The People line!

I was in need of a new moisturizer and purchased the Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream and I love it! It’s great for my sensitive skin (no post breakouts) and I find it to be hydrating without making me oily, it seeps into the skin perfectly. Because it’s light weight its great for a nighttime skincare routine because no one likes that heavy feeling after you’ve layered on all your night time products. I also want to mention this moisturizer will be a savior and must have for the winter season!

Btw YTTP is vegan and cruelty free and packs all their products in glass containers which can be repurposed or recycled I’m actually going to use the cleanser bottle as a hand soap dispenser once I’m done using it!

It’s My Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette by Colourpop

What Is It?

Pressed eyeshadow palette “It’s My Pleasure” by Colourpop

Product Claims

“Some people like binge watching TV, others like junk food. What’s your guilty pleasure? Ours is, can you guess? Launching new stuff! Say hello to our newest palette, Ooh La La’s purple sis! We asked YOU what you wanted to see next, and purple was on your mind. Rich jewel tones, insane metallic finishes, create all the monochromatic looks. She’s sure to be your newest guilty pleasure.”


  • Smooth formula
  • Price
  • Pigmented
  • Buildable color
  • Travel size
  • Cruelty free



Overall Rating 4.8/5

This palette is even prettier in person, trust me! The eyeshadows are all beautiful and fun because of the bright ,vivid colors making this is the palette I would reach for. The price is very affordable for the quality which is why Colourpop quickly gained popularity when the company started up in 2014.

Day in and day out I usually opt for neutral eyeshadows but lately I have been wanting to get creative with my eyeshadow and I found this palette which offers 9 pressed eyeshadows for $12! That’s a great deal! They blend well together and all the colors are opaque which I like.

The only downsides is the glitter fallout from the metallic eyeshadows, I noticed specks of glitter around my eyes and cheeks but it could be because I didn’t use a glitter-adhesive eye primer or it could just be the formula it self, I washed my face and noticed I still had glitter residue and some slight staining of eyeshadow left on my eyelids which was gone the second time I washed my face so that was a bit of a bummer but it didn’t put me off from keeping this $12 palette because I still enjoy the colors.

Has anyone else experienced staining from some of the pigments?

Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit First Impressions Review 

Wearing Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit in the shade “Rebel Rose” 

What Is It?

Matte liquid lipstick by Wet N Wild

Product Claims 

“What glides on like butter, feels like a second skin and wont budge? Our Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick! Made with glammed out superpowers, it goes on glossy yet transforms into a high – pigmented matte finish with some serious staying power. Read our lips This color is going nowhere. 

Glides on glossy and transforms into high – pigmented matte finish

Lightweight formula made with serious staying power

Intense pigmentation without drying the lips”


Shade range

Easily buildable

Dries quickly


Sticky texture once dried

Fades unevenly

Overall Rating 2.5/5 

I really love the shade, and how effortlessly buildable it was. It does stay put once its dry but I personally think this formula is very drying and sticky my lips would literally stick together so chances are if you’re going to be smooching your significant other expect them to find it a rather unpleasant makeout session. It took a while to fade but when it did it faded unevenly  leaving blotches of excess pigment on some areas which needed a obvious retouch. The shade and application process was a breeze but it just doesn’t deliver when it comes to performance.

Oh So Pretty 

I recently purchased the Milani Strobe Light Insta Glow Powder in “01” and E.L.F Cosmetics Mineral Infused Face Primer in “Clear” unfortunately I developed stye eye early last week on my right eyelid which left my eye puffy, painful to the touch and as recommended by my doctor I wasn’t able to wear contacts and (eyeshadow) makeup until it cleared up so I decided to not wear any makeup at all (blush, lipstick, foundation) and just give my face a break from all beauty regimens. But my stye eye is finally cleared up and I couldn’t be more happier to be able to wear makeup again.

Rainy Day Detox

Well it’s raining here in New York as much as I wanted to start my day with a morning run and stop at my local coffee shop I opted for indoor activities such as my morning yoga routine followed by some cardio and then showered and pampered myself all in the comfort of my own home [apartment]

I started with the Apottera Herbal Detoxifying Facial Steam which you can read my full review here

Relaxing it was indeed! I love using the herbal steam facial when I am in need of a “pick me up”, congested or bad breakouts. The Herbal steam bath was followed by the Aztec Secret Healing Bentonite Clay which also helps rid the body of toxins, impurities, heavy metals and chemicals. [I’ll have a full blog review up next week]

Now I’m going to drink my Pukka Detox Tea and watch some Netflix😃

What is your favorite rainy day activity or favorite detox?

Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment Serum Review 

What Is It?

The Ole Henriksen invigorating night treatment is an overnight skincare treatment infused with vitamin E for younger, smoother looking skin.

Product Claims 

This overnight resurfacer accelerates cell turnover to dramatically smooth texture & fine lines, even skintone & minimize appearance of pores with a 12 source AHA complex including glycolic, lactic & citric acids. Suspended in soothing purified algae & vitamin e, this concentrated blend delivers rapid results without irritation. Wake up to radically smoother, younger looking skin.”


Evens skintone

Reduces fine lines


Tacky texture

Can be irritating

Price point

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

If I reviewed the Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Serum  2 years ago one would assume I was a promoter for the brand because at the time I used it I could only speak highly of the outstanding performance from less blemishes and most importantly clearing up my acne. However it seems over time the packaging and formula got a face lift of its own, this once called gel is now considered a “serum”and the glass jar changed to a glass bottle with a pump dispenser. The Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment consist of AHA complex (alpha hydroxy acids) which helps with cell turnover to revive skin and diminish lines and wrinkles. Most skincare products contain 10% which is less potent and less irritating than AHA complex with higher concentration of 20-30% used by certified cosmetologist, though the higher percent of AHAs can be more effective it can also be very irritating to certain individuals. You will also find The Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment has Algae extract which contain antioxidants. I decided to incorporate the invigorating night serum into my skincare routine but it just isn’t as potent as it once was, I’m 2 weeks and 5 days into using the product and seen minimal results. (Most skincare products takes 3-6 weeks to see results so theres still time) I have oily/sensitive skin, enlarged pores and blemishes around my cheeks and jaw line, a few blemishes have diminished but I still have a good amount of stubborn blemishes that just won’t fade away. My face feels taut soon after I apply the treatment which I’m not complaining! And it delivers a slight glow. I notice the days I skip the treatmeant my face looks dull. The gel texture can be displeasing considering it gets tacky the more I worked it into my skin but I use it at night so I don’t mind wearing it as I’ll be in a deep slumber for 8hrs so the texture of the night treatment might be bothersome for some people. I gave this treatment a fair 3.5 as I think it’s a hit or miss, you either love it or you don’t, it either works for you or it doesn’t. I will continue to use the Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment and if I notice any changes I will post back on this post with an update.

Have you used the Invigorating Night Treatment or any products by Ole Henriksen?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade Product Review



What Is It?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade is a smudge free waterproof pomade formula for eyebrows.

Product Claims

This creamy, multitasking product glides on skin and hair smoothly to create clean, defined brows. The standout formula works as a brow primer and provides color, sculpture, and shading. It is ideal for oily skin and in humid climates.


Creamy texture

Very pigmented


Can be used as eyeliner


Can be difficult to work with (beginners)

Dries quickly


Overall Rating 4.7/5

I like this Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, but it took me a few tries in the begining to learn how to use it, Allow me to further explain…

I brought the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade due to the hype of the product. The first time I purchased it the shade was too light, so I exchanged it for a darker shade and not having much experience using it my goodness it can be intimidating! My eyebrows were so dark and bold they literally look like I used a paint brush dipped in black, they were horrendous I remember looking in the mirror and thinking “Eww why do people swear this is the next best thing for brows, and why would Anastasia even put out a product like this” so I closed it up and set it aside to return to the store. At the time I just couldn’t wrap my mind around why this product got such praise so then I went to YouTube and browsed numerous youtubers using the dip brow pomade and a handful also had similar first impressions of the product, so if they could learn to work with it and end up likeing it, whats the harm in trying one more time.

Although I already develop an opinion on the product I gave it one more chance this time using less product and it turned out pretty good!!! I took my time using it learning what techniques worked and didn’t and lets just say I ended up not returning it AND I even use it as eyeliner from time to time. The texture is very creamy and glides on the eyebrows effortlessly but I did notice after 2-3 times of use it tends to dry out however its still useable, I also want to mention that though it states the product is smudge proof, I personally don’t think it is but as I mentioned before I tend to get oily around my forehead/brows. If you use the pomade I recommend being light handed with it, alittle does go a long way.

So if you are a first time buyer, Beware that it will take some time to develop a technique thats suited for your brows but if you have thin eyebrows I personally suggest the Anastasia Brow Wiz, you can read my review here.