Easy Corn Recipe

imageAs you might already know from my previous food posts Iā€™m not very handy in the kitchen. I try to recreate dishes based on recipes I find online because if I ever tried to invent a homemade dish it might turn into food poisoning and no one wants that! šŸ™‚ This recipe is very easy and great for a quick lunch or side dish.

Here is the recipe for the Corn,Avocado and Cilantro I found featured on the  Yummly app (Available on iPhone,iPad and web)image

Now I should forewarn you this dish has a tangy taste, which I like. If you include avocados make sure they are ripe! I bought avocados for this dish the day I found the recipe but was unable to make it due to an unripe avocado. If you try it or modify it please comment with your feedback.