Home Decor pt1

I love home accents, growing up personalizing my bedroom was a part of my creative outlet, as a teen my bedroom was my sanctuary, where I spent most of my time,It was where I could display my creative freedom. I’ve painted my bedroom walls pink and purple with decorated cut out hearts and boyband posters to black and red with caution tape, my drawings and ripped out magazine photos of my favorite bands at the time. The older I became my personal style started to transition and I decorated my bedroom to translate my mood and style at that particular time in my life. Now being 27 and living in an apartment It is was essential to decorate with personal touches while still looking amiable. It’s little accents that help make a home come together. I decided to show a select few of my apartment accents that I have accumulated over the past year, I’m always looking for home decor that accommodates my style. For me adding accent pillows to a sofa, chairs and bed are an easy way to add little pop of color or textile

Bedroom pillow accents:



[* color filter makes the skull accent pillows look two different tones] image

I got this this faux fur blanket as a winter accessory for my couch and a “cuddle blanket” in close reach, but being that I have my dog Milo it quickly became a couch protector. No tacky plastic couch protectors here! The color goes great with the black leather sectional and adds a different texture, so far noone has really noticed that its put there specifically for Milo 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll post pt2 of Home Decor