Lush Mask

Once a week I do a facial mask and the Mask Of Magnaminty is by far my favorite from Lush. It’s perfect for my combination skin and anyone with oily or acne prone skin can benefit from using it as well. Because this clay mask also includes peppermint oil it has a nice refreshing feel without being too harsh. It also makes a great spot treatment for pimples, anytime I see one of those bad boys pop up I dab some of the mask of magnaminty on and notice a reduction in size from the day before. Some people claim it minimizes pores and as someone with very visible large pores I don’t really notice a long-term effect so I wouldn’t solely rely on it as a pore minimizer (there are other products on the market for that).

I also have been using sleepy in the evening time after my shower since the lavender scent has a nice calming fragrance.

Lush Halloween Edition Pt1

I wanted to make this post just in time for Halloween and this is a part 1 of 2 Halloween Lush series so stay tuned for that one.

Earlier this month Lush released two body scrubs: Magic Crystals which is a pretty purple scrub and Scrub Scrub Scrub which is a deep black body scrub.

Scrub Scrub Scrub has a guava and berries scent that I would best describe as a unisex scent. It does leave a lingering strong scent which can be a hit or miss for some people. While the scent is the least of my worries I was hesitant that the pure black color would stain my skin and surprisingly it didn’t! But be warned it can get a bit messy in the shower no matter how cautious you are.

While the exfoliating grains are similar to the ocean salt body scrub This specific body scrub contains charcoal as one of its main ingredients which is known for its detoxing properties.

As far as color-it’s such a beautiful opaque black and has me wondering if this is one of the reasons Lush decided to release it around Halloween.

Mini Lush Haul + Review


Last week I went to Lush and purchased some goodies, I ran out of my favorite lip scrub but decided to try some new products instead of my usual bath bombs and facial masks. I never used any toners,shower gel or the space girl bath bomb. Yummy Mummy shower gel is a new and popular product that I really wanted to try but was on the fence about but thanks to a fellow lush addict I adore on instagram she provided me with great feed back about it and She did not sell it short of how awesome it is! (Thank you Christina!)

If you’re a bubble bath lover like I am you must try the bath bombs my all time favorite is the phenox rising….pretty much any bath bomb that gives off a pink/purple color.

What Is It? 

A Tea Tree Toner for acne/oily skin.Bubble Gum Lip Scrub to exfoliate dry/chapped lips, Yummy Mummy is a shower gel with a strawberry scent and silver shimmer, and a Space Girl Bath Bomb for relaxation that adds color to water and refreshes.

Product Claims

Yummy Mummy-

 “This super shimmery shower gel will have you turning heads (and noses!). Geranium oil, Brazilian orange oil and tonka absolute are expertly blended together to create one of our most intoxicating, yet delicate, fragrances: Yummy Mummy. Fruity, sweet and dashed with a hint of luster, this shower gel will leave skin unimaginably soft and smelling like scrumptious strawberries. It’s well deserving of its name!”

Tea Tree Water-

“Oily, dull or tired skin brightens up with a routine spritz of Tea Tree Water. Cleansing tea tree, juniper berry and grapefruit waters keep skin looking fresh and and balance skin tone. Light and refreshing Tea Tree Water reduces redness and clears excess oil without drying so you can put your best face forward.”

Bubble Gum Lip Scrub-

“Our sweetest confection exfoliates lips smooth, prepping them for your favorite lip color or balm. A blend of exfoliating Fair Trade sugar and moisturizing jojoba oil, this lip scrub is sure to leave your lips enticingly soft and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time! Scrub Bubblegum over your lips (be sure to lick off the excess) and then apply your favorite lip color for a flawless finish.”

Space Girl Bath Bomb-

“With blasts of sparkles and refreshing grapefruit oil, Space Girl is a Bath Bomb of astronomical proportions. You’ll be ready to explore the cosmos (bath time) in a trail of purple stardust. We put real popping candies into each one to add some pop to our signature fizz. Shaped like Saturn, the energizing scent of blackcurrant candies will make you hungry for your own space adventures as you soak away in the tub. It’s really out of this world.”



Pleasent fragrance
Lathers well
Good for sensitive skin


Scent doesn’t last very long
Limited eddition

Overall Rating 3.8/5

I am loving this shower gel at the moment, even more than the GUD shower gel I reviewed in the past you can check that out by clicking here. I love the strawberry scent it leaves on my skin however I notice the scent starts to stray less than hour but still delivers squeeky clean skin. The silver luster is mostly composited in the bottom of the bottle so I have yet to see any noticable shimmer on my skin.



Great for oily/acne skin
Dries out pimples



Overall Rating 4.2/5 

I’ve only been using the toner water for a week but I have noticed my face to be less oily and pimples have reduced in size and dried. I do find that using this product can cause dryness so if you have sensitive skin like me I wouldn’t suggest every day use and also follow directions and close those peepers because it will sting your eyes!



Removes dead skin



Overall Rating 4.6/5

This is my favorite lip scrub, I have a horrible habit of picking/biting my lips which ends in overly chapped lips so this has helped me subside the bad habit alot, it does a great job I usually apply my burts bees lip balm afterward.