Happy New Year!

Hello, if you’ve been a long time reader or new to my blog, I welcome you and thank you for reading my blog ❤️

Well first off let me say that WE DID IT!! We made it thru the year and are now ready to embrace the New Year. I wonder what 2019 has in store and what challenges,changes and adventures are coming in the days ahead.

One could only hope for the best right?!

As the year ends we consciously reflect on our life the year before and make changes and well wishes we want to manifest the upcoming year and from a personal perspective 2018 wasn’t the best nor worst but rather, content. I am looking forward to creating and hopefully successfully completing the goals I have set for the new year starting with a 30 Day Yoga challenge I signed up for. I have done a similar 30 Day Yoga Challenge by Adriene Louise (Yoga with Adriene) last January and have physically and mentally seen results which is why I jumped on the opportunity to sign up for her 2019 Challenge. It’s free, done in the comfort of your own home, promotes overall wellness, and perfect for any beginner(like myself) or advanced yogi so who wouldn’t take advantage of such a great opportunity?!

If you’re interested in joining in on the 30 Day Dedicate Yoga Challenge you can follow along on her YouTube Channel and Download the 30 Day Dedicate Calendar to keep track and follow her on Instagram here and FWFG Yoga Community where you can connect with others joining in on the challenge.

Cheers to another year!!

*btw this is not a sponsored post this is a recommendation based on my own personal success with the 30 Day Challenge.

Happy Be-lated New Year

Hi everyone I hope you all enjoyed or survived the holiday season 😉 and were able to spend the New Year with those you cherish. I went upstate with Marcin to get away from the city for some needed R&R and actually fell asleep around 10pm but I was woken up but my enthusiastic mother yelling Happy New Year, I couldn’t believe I slept through the countdown, I feel like such an old person!!

I put forward my best intentions for the new year a week in advance for instance I wanted to make health/fitness a priority by signing up to do a 30 Day Yoga Challenge, I am currently on day 6 and feeling good about committing to something that will help nurture my mind body and soul and guide me to a healthier lifestyle on a physical and mental level.

Anyone else sleep during the countdown?! What resolutions have you set for the New Year?

Hello 2016

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, Only three days into The New Year and I’m feeling good vibes. May this year bring happiness, success and love to you all!

Reflecting back on Last Year I have chosen to be more adventourous and broden my perspective, What are some things you would like to accomplish in 2016?