Target Buy: A New Day Stockings Review 

A New Day is a brand launched this year exclusively for Target. A New Day is a women’s clothing line created with the intent of versatility to mix and match clothing items. On my recent Target shopping trip I picked up some stockings specifically for a romper thinking the two will complete the look, and while it’s just to darn cold for shorts I figured stockings can down play the actuality of me freezing my butt off for fashion.

I find it difficult to rely on the manufacturer sizeing chart in the back of most hosiery packaging because of my height and weight, so while I purchased the “S/M” and it fits snug, not unbearably tight, I could have also sized up to a “M/L”

At a glance I was a bit concerned by how sheer they are, I thought the nylon fabric would not hold up But with the $10 price tag I’m surprised by the quality, they have yet to snag especially while putting them on and adore the cute polka dot design.