All Black Everything



Outfit Details:

Romper: Socialite Bell Sleeve Mock Neck Mini Romper (sold out)

Stockings: Target A New Day Sheer Polka Dot Stockings 

Boots: Madden Girl Descent Fringe Booties  (brought 2 years ago at Century21 but found them online at Lulus)

 I held off doing a fashion post for many reasons, my internal struggle of my personal body image, I dont consider myself a fashionista by any means and I rarely dress up anymore. As someone who currently lives in jogger pants and sneakers this was one outfit I couldn’t wait to take off the hanger. The mock neck cut-out has been in fashion this year and this romper is serving up current fashion and then some! Because of the polyester material I figure the best time to wear this romper would be in the beginning of the fall season when the weather is just right. The fall vibes are in full effect with this all black outfit and I am enamoured with the bell sleeves on this romper, I feel like Morticia Addams in best way possible and paired with my fringe booties pulls the look all together. I feel comfortable, fashionable and easily styled together.

Target Buy: A New Day Stockings Review 

A New Day is a brand launched this year exclusively for Target. A New Day is a women’s clothing line created with the intent of versatility to mix and match clothing items. On my recent Target shopping trip I picked up some stockings specifically for a romper thinking the two will complete the look, and while it’s just to darn cold for shorts I figured stockings can down play the actuality of me freezing my butt off for fashion.

I find it difficult to rely on the manufacturer sizeing chart in the back of most hosiery packaging because of my height and weight, so while I purchased the “S/M” and it fits snug, not unbearably tight, I could have also sized up to a “M/L”

At a glance I was a bit concerned by how sheer they are, I thought the nylon fabric would not hold up But with the $10 price tag I’m surprised by the quality, they have yet to snag especially while putting them on and adore the cute polka dot design.

Kiss My Face Toothpaste Review


What Is It?  

A cruelty-free teeth whitening toothpaste.

Product Claims 

“One Kiss will give you Breath Blasting Freshness™ with great Peppermint taste.Our Whitening Formula helps:•Prevent cavities•Remove plaque with Xylitol & Tea Tree•Whiten with Icelandic Moss•Prevent tartar build up with Zinc Citrate

Hey Kissers, give us a smile! With shockingly great taste, our effective formula helps your mouth feel healthy and fresh with Antioxidant Defenders™ and nature’s most trusted ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Iceland Moss, Aloe Vera, Xylitol, Silica, Peppermint”


Mostly contains natural* ingredients
Slight minty taste
Cleans teeth
Good for sensitivity


Not much of a whitening effect

Overall Rating 4/5 

I mostly brought this toothpaste after learning that Tom’s of maine are owned by colgate, I also wanted to pick something with a whitening effect to improve my teeth after drinking tea majority of the winter, I haven’t noticed much difference but when it comes to the actual cleansiness for oral hygiene I find this toothpaste to be pretty good, its foamy enough and my teeth feel more cleaner and has a suttle minty after taste. The only thing that throws me off about this toothpaste is that it contains Fluroide which is inorganic and can be a danger to overall health. I was hopeing to find a product that only contained all natural ingredients.

Home Decor pt2

As stated in yesterday’s post I’m continuing with more home accents so without further or due here the photos.

Bedroom Accents:

I used these Harney and Sons tea tin cans to store my makeup brushes, recycling never looked so cute.


I bought the mix-match pink jewelry holders at a store upstate and the black spider web jar at Target during the halloween holiday, I use it to store my makeup sponges.

Living Room Accents:
Besides my skull candle I love my resin cow skull, I put it under the glass coffee table [ and no, its not real!]
Gotta be green with alittle Succulent plant and This Marshall Stanmore bluetooth Speaker works with any Apple devices, it really has great quality sound and love the vintage replica with modern technology.

I do have a lot more items however I decided not to cram my post and it gives me a chance to do more home decor posts in the near future.

Home Decor pt1

I love home accents, growing up personalizing my bedroom was a part of my creative outlet, as a teen my bedroom was my sanctuary, where I spent most of my time,It was where I could display my creative freedom. I’ve painted my bedroom walls pink and purple with decorated cut out hearts and boyband posters to black and red with caution tape, my drawings and ripped out magazine photos of my favorite bands at the time. The older I became my personal style started to transition and I decorated my bedroom to translate my mood and style at that particular time in my life. Now being 27 and living in an apartment It is was essential to decorate with personal touches while still looking amiable. It’s little accents that help make a home come together. I decided to show a select few of my apartment accents that I have accumulated over the past year, I’m always looking for home decor that accommodates my style. For me adding accent pillows to a sofa, chairs and bed are an easy way to add little pop of color or textile

Bedroom pillow accents:



[* color filter makes the skull accent pillows look two different tones] image

I got this this faux fur blanket as a winter accessory for my couch and a “cuddle blanket” in close reach, but being that I have my dog Milo it quickly became a couch protector. No tacky plastic couch protectors here! The color goes great with the black leather sectional and adds a different texture, so far noone has really noticed that its put there specifically for Milo 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll post pt2 of Home Decor

Harney & Sons Fine Tea




Harney & Sons is a family owned company thats been gracing every warm cup of tea for 30 years with an array of tea from green,white,oolong,herbal,decaffeinated and organic. Along with their wide range of tea they also sell bottled beverages,tea ware and tea treats.

I came across Harney & Sons while in the beverage asile at Target, I’ll admit I was instantly struck by the beautiful packaging then I began to examine the range of flavors, Green Tea With COCONUT?! I was sold! My fiancé however was skeptical, but it didn’t take long for him to indulge in a cup and say “wow, it’s really flavorful than most brands” Harney & Sons is no dupe, you’re indulging in the “real deal” of fine tea. Because of the great experience with this brand I started to try other flavors or as my fiancé would say I started collecting them 😉 what can I say they give my kitchen a pop of color and are easy on the eyes of my house guest, and who doesn’t like a dainty decorated pink tin after all the tin can be used for future crafts, a flower vase or to hold kitchen utensils (my crafting imagination is endless)

Would you join me for a cup of tea?