Vegan Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately my fiancé is working on valentine’s day but he surprised me with a reservation to a local vegan restaurant Modern Love. Every time we drove past it I made subtle hints about wanting to dine there some day. Well I’m happy to say today was the day he made it happen. ❤️

When am I not on my mobile devices 🙄

We don’t really dine out often, as much as we used to compared to when we started dating (mostly because of personal preference) but it was nice to try something new and have a date night while catching up on other things other than our home life.

If You Like That, Try This pt3

Hey everyone so its been a while since I posted one of these vegetarian/vegan alternatives. Please note that most recommendations are vegetarian with some vegan options.


Easy Corn Recipe

imageAs you might already know from my previous food posts I’m not very handy in the kitchen. I try to recreate dishes based on recipes I find online because if I ever tried to invent a homemade dish it might turn into food poisoning and no one wants that! 🙂 This recipe is very easy and great for a quick lunch or side dish.

Here is the recipe for the Corn,Avocado and Cilantro I found featured on the  Yummly app (Available on iPhone,iPad and web)image

Now I should forewarn you this dish has a tangy taste, which I like. If you include avocados make sure they are ripe! I bought avocados for this dish the day I found the recipe but was unable to make it due to an unripe avocado. If you try it or modify it please comment with your feedback.