I have Hashimoto’s

I have sat here writing and rewriting this post for almost 2 hours because I find it so hard to explain it to the best of my knowledge but so far this is the best I can do…

Mid October I started to take my health more serious, I was always one to shy away from doctors and relied on over the counter medicine but as time went on I felt nothing was working and I think we can all agree WebMD can be scary as hell!

I met with my physician having explained my symptoms; feeling cold,anxiety,hair loss,fatigue,weight gain and my doctor knew right away they were very similar to the symptoms of hypothyroid however she wanted to be certain in order to provide me with the proper treatment which resulted in follow up blood work,going for a thyroid sonogram,referrals and after that was all said and done we had a diagnosis and that is Hashimoto’s Disease.

Hashimoto’s Disease is when your immune system attacks your thyroid and your thyroid is the butter fly shaped gland in the front of the neck which produces hormones which essentially effect very organ system in the body, it controls the speed of your metabolism, it is also responsible for the growth and development of our nervous system and helps maintain our body temperature.

Apart of me felt relieved for the fact that all these symptoms I felt for quite some time were finally validated. But I also felt naive and confused because I didn’t know what Hashimoto’s disease is, would I die from it? Can it be cured? What kind of lifestyle changes would I have to make? And that’s when my mind started racing with thoughts and eager to gain knowledge about this new disease I will become acquainted with.

The short answer is No, I won’t die. I will be taking my synthroid medication to help my thyroid, and yes I will have to say farewell to the late night Drive thru at McDonald’s 😂

I started reading books, searching the internet, joining online communities to connect with others who have also been diagnosed and til this day I still have a lot to learn and a lot of healing but here I am taking one day at a time to make positive changes that will help make a positive impact on my health and life in general.

I didn’t think I would be open about discussing it because I’m still trying to get a better understanding of it all. I realize that it is apart of me and this will be apart of my life’s journey, so as this year ends I am going into 2020 trying to make better of my life.


I enjoy self help books, motivational speakers, and social platforms that encourage healthy mental wellness and self care, because some days I just ain’t feelin it and that’s ok!

I was recently looking for a good self help book and came across Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop

A week before ordering the book I wasn’t feeling as productive in my daily life. I felt I had “hit a wall” and I needed some sort of wakeup call, a pep talk to get my shit together and this book was it. I was nose deep in the book and finished reading it in 2 days but found myself re-reading chapter by chapter really letting everything “marinate” in my brain to fully grasp every concept and lesson so that I will able to implement it into my daily life.

This quote really stood out to me and I go back to it often, I find it to be the most accurate grasp of reality.

What is your favorite motivational book or quote?

It’s ok to cry

The past couple of days I’ve had both highs and lows, I am being more productive in my everyday life which is great however I find myself physically exhausted by the evening time and then comes the lows that creep up at night thinking of everything I need to do before tomorrow even begins! Just yesterday I had a cry, a much needed cry, a “I’m overwhelmed” cry and at first I didn’t want to because I thought it will show that I don’t have it all figured out like I thought I did, and that I was somehow weak and to prove to myself I’ve gotten physically and mentally stronger I thought I’d have to suck it up and just let it pass. But I felt this need to cry and need for comfort and I spoke to my better half about it and his reply was “it’s ok, it’s normal and you should let it out, you’ll feel better.” For a second I thought he wasn’t listening to me and probably thought I was talking about flatulence! But there I was crying, and damn it felt good. I think we need to reassure ourselves and those around us that it is ok to cry when we are overwhelmed or overjoyed, it’s an expression that’s meant to be, well, expressed!

We ended the night with pizza and watching our favorite show together and I woke up the next day feeling more at ease. Today I wore some earrings my mother gave to me recently and it helped give me that extra comfort as I happily put them on and kicked today’s ass!

IT’S NORMAL TO CRY! It happens, sometimes we get overwhelmed no matter how big or small a situation may be (it’s not for others to judge the importance of your matter) but it’s totally ok to cry, so if you find yourself in need of it cry it out and get back to being the badass you are!

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Hi so I’m just checking in on my 30 Day Yoga Challenge that I mentioned I would start in the New Year, you can read more about it here

Today is Day 8: Meditate but I completed 4 days worth of yoga since I was unable to do it on each day as instructed, so while I’m physically exhausted from completing them back to back I am committed to this challenge.

On another note our fur baby Mila had a ruptured cyst and was taken to the vet for treatment and given antibiotics so we were alittle preoccupied with her health the last couple of days but now she’s doing much better.

I hope you are all doing well and sticking through your new year resolutions whether big or small!

Happy New Year!

Hello, if you’ve been a long time reader or new to my blog, I welcome you and thank you for reading my blog ❤️

Well first off let me say that WE DID IT!! We made it thru the year and are now ready to embrace the New Year. I wonder what 2019 has in store and what challenges,changes and adventures are coming in the days ahead.

One could only hope for the best right?!

As the year ends we consciously reflect on our life the year before and make changes and well wishes we want to manifest the upcoming year and from a personal perspective 2018 wasn’t the best nor worst but rather, content. I am looking forward to creating and hopefully successfully completing the goals I have set for the new year starting with a 30 Day Yoga challenge I signed up for. I have done a similar 30 Day Yoga Challenge by Adriene Louise (Yoga with Adriene) last January and have physically and mentally seen results which is why I jumped on the opportunity to sign up for her 2019 Challenge. It’s free, done in the comfort of your own home, promotes overall wellness, and perfect for any beginner(like myself) or advanced yogi so who wouldn’t take advantage of such a great opportunity?!

If you’re interested in joining in on the 30 Day Dedicate Yoga Challenge you can follow along on her YouTube Channel and Download the 30 Day Dedicate Calendar to keep track and follow her on Instagram here and FWFG Yoga Community where you can connect with others joining in on the challenge.

Cheers to another year!!

*btw this is not a sponsored post this is a recommendation based on my own personal success with the 30 Day Challenge.

Apoterra Herbal Detoxifying Steam with Flowers + Cleansing Herbs Review

What Is It?

Apoterra Skincare Previously known as Caru Skincare Co, is a skincare company based in NYC which launched in 2013 and has been featured in numerous publications from Allure,Vouge and Lucky. Apoterra Skincare is known to create quality products by providing all natural, effective,eco conscious products and never test on animals. Elle magazine listed one of their serums as one of the top 33 most effective natural products on the planet in 2015. Apoterra Skincare is a company that truly knows good skincare, the founder Dominique Caron is a certified aromatherapist, herbalist, and daughter of a family physician. Overall Apoterra Skincare is a company that knows wellness and quality ingredients go hand in hand.

The Herbal Detoxifying Steam with Flowers + Cleansing Herbs is used to calm and nourish the skin and soul, read below as I share my experience using the product and how effective I find it to be thus far.


Product Claims

“This steam contains beautiful flowers and deeply purifying aromatic herbs to cleanse and nourish the skin while calming and soothing the soul. It opens pores, facilitates the release of impurities, and deeply cleanses while simultaneously nourishing and hydrating the skin. For best results, follow immediately with a clay mask.Directions: Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Place 1-2 TBSP of the herbal blend in a large bowl. Pour steaming water over the herbs. Position face over the bowl and cover with a towel to seal in the herbal steam. Remain over herbal steam for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy this moment of serenity! Reuse the herbal water by mixing it with a clay mask or adding to bath water.”


Pleasant fragrance
Aroma therapy
All skin types
Vegan* (this specific product)
Cruelty Free




Overall Rating 5/5

The Apoterra Herbal Detoxifying Steam with Flowers + Cleansing Herbs  has become an essential product for my relaxing “home spa” once a week and any time I feel in need of a little pick me up. I received the product in the mail 2 days before an event that had me feeling uneasy and stressed (perfect timing) so I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to give the herbal steam a try.

As I am typing this review I find it a bit difficult to put into words my overall experience with this product as it is one of those you have to try it for yourself to understand the pleasant outcome of using this herbal steam bath, In my best attempt to describe the Herbal Detoxifying Steam with Flowers + Cleansing Herbs it is like a sauna for your face with organic herbs that help relax your mind,opening clogged pores and also great during the winter season when you need help with decongestion. Though it was quite easy to rate this product a 5 out of 5 My two main reasons were quite simple: it is effective and has a multi- purpose use, it can be used as a facial steam, used in a relaxing bath soak and even mixed with a clay mask.

As I briefly mentioned I had an event coming up that made me stressed and anxious and decided to try the herbal steam bath. This was my first time using the product and I truly felt relaxed as a weight was lifted off my shoulders, my skin felt soft and had a healthy glow and after using the product I was able to feel more at ease and concentrate which I found to be difficult prior to use.

Last week I had a migraine which had me in bed and wouldn’t subside, Rather than taking a generic aspirin I wanted to take a natural approach and decided to use the herbal steam and see if it worked, and it surly did help I was able to continue my day by running errands that I was putting off due to the strong migraine that made me feel like I couldn’t function. Now I’m not saying this Herbal detoxifying steam has “magical powers” because the proof is in the ingredients!

Heres a brief breakdown of some of the ingredients along with its benefits:

Matricaria chamomilla (chamomile) flowers*-Reduces the redness in the skin,great for sensitive skin,Reduces the appearance of broken capillaries,helps to calm inflamed conditions such as acne, rashes, and burns,has Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties

Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) buds*-Helps sooth anxiety and stress, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helps with insomnia and restlessness

Calendula officinalis (calendula) flowers*- antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve irritated skin and acne

Azadirachta indica (neem) leaf*-Helps with fevers,psoriasis,acne, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, black heads and dry skin.

Plantago major (plantain) leaf*-Natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties,great for healing wounds, rashes and for itching or pain associated with skin problems.

Apoterra Herbal Detoxifying Steam with Flowers + Cleansing Herbs provide numerous health benefits as well as great aroma therapy.This product along with the Tulsi Luminous Scrub with Lavender + Pink Sea Salt [my next blog review] has me feeling good, mind body and soul. The Apoterra brand was truly created with the concern and overall wellness of the consumer and I appreciate and support a brand that can deliver products that made me feel rejuvenated from the inside out.

I highly recommend the product and over all product line. I also want to mention with the holidays approaching these will make great gift ideas for those who enjoy relaxation,effective skin care and all natural products. The product line has a great range for all skin types + concerns.

Happy Be-lated New Year

Hi everyone I hope you all enjoyed or survived the holiday season 😉 and were able to spend the New Year with those you cherish. I went upstate with Marcin to get away from the city for some needed R&R and actually fell asleep around 10pm but I was woken up but my enthusiastic mother yelling Happy New Year, I couldn’t believe I slept through the countdown, I feel like such an old person!!

I put forward my best intentions for the new year a week in advance for instance I wanted to make health/fitness a priority by signing up to do a 30 Day Yoga Challenge, I am currently on day 6 and feeling good about committing to something that will help nurture my mind body and soul and guide me to a healthier lifestyle on a physical and mental level.

Anyone else sleep during the countdown?! What resolutions have you set for the New Year?

Setting The Tone For 2018

My new year resolution is to be physically active which is why I am excited to take on a 30 Day Yoga Challenge via YouTube hosted by Adriene Mishler, it starts January 1st 2018 and signup is FREE! If you are interested in signing up you can find out more information here and follow her on Instagram

*this is not a sponsored post, I am not much of a yogi nor professional but I do enjoy breathing and stretching exercises as they have helped me personally cope with anxiety. I have followed along with numerous videos by Adriene and feel they are helpful,calming and fun.

Will you be signing up? If yes or no what are your new year resolutions?

Yarok Feed Your Volume Shampoo+ Conditioner Review


Yarok haircare line uses certified organic ingredients and doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and alcohol and never test on animals making the Yarok brand natural and vegan while still delivering quality hair care. The Yarok Feed Your Volume line caters to fine/limp hair that lacks fullness by providing effective cleanliness and incorporating ingredients like coco protein for added shine and strength, slippery elm and sea buckthorn which provide streghthing proteins that work together to repair the hair shaft along with oatstraw and grapefruit seed extract which helps with thinning and hair loss.

Product Claims

Raise your hairs’ volume and lower your carbon footprint with this luxurious, naturally foaming shampoo. Treat your senses, your hair and your scalp to this herbal aromatic blend of organic and all natural herbs, flowers, vitamins, minerals and essential oils that visibly plump normal to fine hair.”


Deep cleansing

Good lather


Great for sensitive scalps

Nice scent (mandarin/earthy scent)


Not for DEMI-permanent colored hair


Product Claims 

Condition your hair and help improve the condition of the planet using many of the same sustainable, nourishing, plumping ingredients as Yarok Feed Your Volume Shampoo. This conditioner will seal in moisture and promote volume and manageability, with the three superior moisturizers: Jojoba Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Aloe Vera.”



Smooths hair

Softens hair



All natural ingredients



Overall Rating 5/5

I love this shampoo+conditioner line, but with some trial and error I have found the first time I used the shampoo it was a bit tricky to use, I didnt find it to be as sudsy as most shampoos but it turns out I wasn’t using enough product. (Easy fix right?!) I did notice it washed out my Demi-Permanent hair color but this might not happen to those who use permanent hair dye[I use a specific brand of Demi permanent dye due to a severe hair color allergy] BUT I must admit, I like my natural hair color coming through, using this brand has made me embrace my natural hair color and I notice a big difference in the texture and manageability of my hair. Blow drying my hair seems more effortless and adds just enough volume without the over use of applying other products which can weigh down my hair so being able to cut out the usage of other products is great.

Before incorporating Yarok Feed Your Volume Shampoo I had a lot of breakage from previous bi-weekly hair dying but I’ve noticed less damage, my hair is thin however it gets very tangled which feels aggressive to brush out but being that I use the Feed Your Volume Conditioner it makes combing through the tangles less abrasive. I have to use the conditioner after the shampoo otherwise my hair feels dry and unmanageable to comb, I find it to be an essential step which I don’t mind. I have medium length hair and don’t wash my hair every day so I find the bottles have lasted me a month thus far and it’s a little less than half way done so I’m predicting it will last me a month and a ½ or 2 months maximum. I continue to use the Yarok haircare products because I honestly see a difference in the overall look of my hair, I feel confident using Yarok because I know there isn’t any harsh chemicals so I’m really treating my hair with quality ingredients and finally my hair is getting the much tender love and care it was previously lacking.

The Yarok Feed Your Volume line has made me feel like I’m finally taking proper care of my hair. If you’re looking for a shampoo or conditioner that also doubles as a hair care system or other hair care products I really recommend Yarok.

Kiss My Face Toothpaste Review


What Is It?  

A cruelty-free teeth whitening toothpaste.

Product Claims 

“One Kiss will give you Breath Blasting Freshness™ with great Peppermint taste.Our Whitening Formula helps:•Prevent cavities•Remove plaque with Xylitol & Tea Tree•Whiten with Icelandic Moss•Prevent tartar build up with Zinc Citrate

Hey Kissers, give us a smile! With shockingly great taste, our effective formula helps your mouth feel healthy and fresh with Antioxidant Defenders™ and nature’s most trusted ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Iceland Moss, Aloe Vera, Xylitol, Silica, Peppermint”


Mostly contains natural* ingredients
Slight minty taste
Cleans teeth
Good for sensitivity


Not much of a whitening effect

Overall Rating 4/5 

I mostly brought this toothpaste after learning that Tom’s of maine are owned by colgate, I also wanted to pick something with a whitening effect to improve my teeth after drinking tea majority of the winter, I haven’t noticed much difference but when it comes to the actual cleansiness for oral hygiene I find this toothpaste to be pretty good, its foamy enough and my teeth feel more cleaner and has a suttle minty after taste. The only thing that throws me off about this toothpaste is that it contains Fluroide which is inorganic and can be a danger to overall health. I was hopeing to find a product that only contained all natural ingredients.